Feb. 15th, 2009

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While the day has been fairly uneventful (save for having to stop and duck and dodge the varieties of romantic wares everywhere I go), I still have to stop and take thought on things like the almost-making-out this morning or the strange sheets and the decorations. All of which had been more terrifying when I arrived at my boat to discover...

Well, terrifying is a good word for it.

I ignored the twinkling lights up the mast and the decals of hearts on the exterior to strip my clothes off to my skivvies and fish before taking the boat out to just lie around and tan for a while. When the sun dipped in the sky, it's time to moor and I'm long past spent as I hop the side to tie the boat to the dock, making sure the ropes are good and tight. I had my eventful morning, so I'm counting on a good night's sleep and maybe I won't have to keep looking in shiny surfaces to question why Joe styled my hair like this.

As for Valentine's? Well, it's not as if I know how to navigate this thing we're in the midst of, so maybe I shouldn't even bother to try. I've managed to find decent clothes and in a deep purple button-down and a pair of jeans, I light up a cigarette and continue to work at the knots, making sure everything is settled before I go inside to those satin sheets and the candles and the rose petals and vases of roses.


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