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Birthdate:Apr 11
The old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est pro patria mori.

David Kenyon Webster is a man of 5'11 with curly black hair and piercing blue eyes. He hails from the miniseries Band of Brothers and comes from the episode Points after Private Janovec's death.


--One pair of y-front boxer-briefs, coloured white
--One white undershirt (darkened from constant wear)
--One dull green button-down shirt
--One pair of beige suspenders
--One dusty-green khaki army jacket
--One pair of dusty-green khaki trousers, creased from blousing.
--One pair of black socks
--One pair of jump boots with laces in good condition
--One pass to Munich, crumpled furiously into his pocket in a rush
--One stolen watch with a black face and silver band
--One M1 rifle fully loaded with ammo
--One half-used pack of Juicy Fruit gum
--.45 Caliber automatic pistol in a brown leather sling with all the rounds left
--One black lighter (3/4 filled with lighter fluid) as filched from a dead German soldier
--One army-green helmet with a spade painted in white on the side
--One set of silver dogtags bound around a silver chain
--Three packs of cigarettes; one opened pack tucked into his pockets with two cigarettes missing and two unopened packs.
--One army-green jacket (caked in dirt) with the 101st Division Eagle patch sewn to the left arm and one chevron sewn on just below. On the right sleeve is an American flag sewn on.
--One leather-bound journal with a black-ink pen and a charcoal pencil tucked inside the pages. Approximately seven looseleaf pages are stuck inside of letters home and sketches. Three pictures are pressed to the back (one of his parents, one of his brother & family, one of his younger sister)
--Two handkerchiefs tucked away into the trouser pockets (both coloured white and one stained with blood), one three by two Nazi flag ripped to shreds serving as clothes, and one cut silk piece of a parachute

[Disclaimer: I do not own the fictionalized representation of David Kenyon Webster as represented by the Band of Brothers series and Eion Bailey belongs to himself. This is merely a journal for an RPG. No harm is intended.]
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