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After everything, I can't believe that the one thing I reserve the most cowardice for is something I won't even face the consequences of until later on tonight or tomorrow. Whenever Joe starts picking up and finds it. I'm so fucking terrified that I've found myself on Blair's doorstep with my hand on her door, knocking as lightly as I can in the event I disturb Serena.

"Blair, prinzessin, it's me. I need to see you," I beg in a guttural and low tone, desperate as it gets.
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I'm still reeling at the fact that somehow, some way, I've been convinced to give field hockey a go. Not only does my masculinity smart slightly, but the fact that a young girl has me wrapped around her finger does, too. "Prinzessin," I drone as I lean heavily on the stick and glance Blair's way, begging with my eyes.

"Honestly, don't you need some kind of sideline support instead of a player?" I beg. "I'm very good at watching. I can even demean the other players for you loudly. I've been getting lessons in how to be a complete jackass and they shouldn't go to waste."

Because field hockey...of all things. I'm never going to live it down. If nothing else, I'm going to give Skinny Sisk a damn aneurysm from laughing too much.


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